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So true it hurts.

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"You will go down hard. The search will bring you low, to the ground, on your two knees."

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This Snakejuice is basically rat poison. Everybody’s wasted.

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endless list of favorite characters → lyra belacqua, his dark materials

“We have to be all those difficult things like cheerful and kind and curious and patient, and we’ve got to study and think and work hard, all of us, in all our different worlds, and then we’ll build…”

“And then what?” said her dæmon sleepily. “Build what?”

“The Republic of Heaven,” said Lyra.

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Probably not as interesting as the character references (well, in my opinion, since I love looking at characters), but here are the bulk of the setting shots shown in the free “The Spirit of an Episode" videos off Amazon. Some of these are really cool!

If you’re looking for some character reference sheets from the videos, here they are.

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Chris Traeger arrives at an important part in the development of a male feminist

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best swear ever


Dude, you didn’t know that? Pretty much all of the Chinese in Firefly was a classic example of Getting Shit Past the Censors.

Firefly’s 15 Best Chinese Curses and How To Say Them

Just in case you needed to know useful Chinese phrases like “Holy mother of god and all her wacky nephews.”

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Okay, but this movie wins the award for Best Use of Manpain, tho.

In any other movie, Raleigh would’ve spent 90 minutes being like MY PAIN IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR STUPID WAR, and instead, he snaps back into action as soon as he meets Mako. That’s awesome. But what floors me is that he uses his own grief to help Mako survive hers. He knows how awful it is to lose your family. He knows what she’s going through. And instead of whining or thinking his pain makes him entitled to opt out of his responsibilities, he empathizes with Mako, supports her, and encourages her.

Raleigh’s greatest strength is his compassion. And that’s the kind of male hero I’d like to see on my screen, please.

Plus, like, a bazillion more movies about Mako Mori.

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