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(Most of) Awesome Mix, Vol. 1

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time to level up. i have tools now. tools i didn’t have before. it’s a matter of learning how to use them. learning my strengths. learning my limitations. learning how to work with this new body instead of against it. good is not a thing you are. it’s a thing you do.

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Principles of Design Poster by Efil Türk.

The turkey based designer named Efil has crafted a beautiful series of poster showing the principles of design only using paper. Cutting pieces of paper, juxtaposing the pieces, pasting geometrical shapes and using simple typography is the formula of this beautiful series. She mention that you can actually buy them.

Find more inspiration: visualvib.es

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Björk - Irmelie Krekin

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The Sopranos Pilot | 1x01

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So true it hurts.

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"You will go down hard. The search will bring you low, to the ground, on your two knees."

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